Rajnish Garg, Subject Matter Expert, Cloud Security & DevSecOps (APJ), CyberArk

Development environments, including developer operations (DevOps) and continuous integration/continuous deployment  (CI/CD) pipelines, as well as cloud infrastructure and workloads, are now often perceived by IT teams as the biggest risks to managing sensitive data like identities.

Effective secrets management for cloud-native development offers various advantages:

      1. Visibility, control and management over all secrets across projects and accounts through a single pane of glass, mitigating vault sprawl across multiple cloud instances and projects

      2. Simplified management, rotation and synchronization of secrets, ensuring transparency and uninterrupted critical functionality for developers

      3. Easy discovery and management of secrets for security teams across existing instances of their native cloud secrets management tools

      4. Prioritization of developers’ preferred choices that allow them to maintain their native user experiences with a secrets management solution

      5. Boosting of operational efficiency for both security and developers

      6. Accelerated transitioning of workloads to the Cloud by enabling the same security policies to be enforced across hybrid and cloud environments

Centralizing and enhancing secrets management for cloud-native applications clearly helps to boost the developer experience, reduce cyber risks and improve business resilience.