One only needs to look at the prevalence of cyberattacks rooted in leaked credentials as proof that passwords can be relatively easily stolen by cybercriminals.

If users invest in longer passwords and commit to changing them periodically, passwords can be very effective in protecting personal and financial information against cybercriminals. Better still, passphrases, which consist of random words without grammatical connections, are a more secure alternative.

Jess Ng, Country Head, Singapore and Brunei, Fortinet

Passwords continue to be an important aspect of an organization’s cyber security posture, but other tools need to be used in tandem if we want to keep up against the evolution of malicious attacks. Organizations must implement a holistic cyber resilience strategy that combines people, processes and technology. This includes:

    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFAs are a powerful layer of defense against unauthorized access, and should also be paired with Single Sign-On solutions to create a potent combination.
    • Stopping malware with endpoint detection systems:Today’s endpoint detection and response (EDR and XDR) systems are like vigilant security guards for your devices. They play a vital role in blocking harmful malware, such as programs that steal your information, before they can do any damage. By constantly monitoring system activities, such systems act as proactive protectors, keeping your sensitive data safe from cyber attackers.
    • AI-enhanced cybersecurity: Advanced algorithms and threat intelligence can automate the detection of data leaks and breaches in real time. Once these risks show up on their radar, modern solutions seamlessly integrate with security orchestration, automation, and response platforms, which serve as the operational hub for incident management, and are equipped with customized playbooks with automated actions for specific threats.

While protecting credentials can feel overwhelming, it is more than possible to achieve with good password hygiene facilitated with the right solutions for managing credentials without much inconvenience.