BlackBerry helps CyberSecurity Malaysia in accelerating digital transformation while keeping critical data safe, secure and compliant.

BlackBerry Limited and CyberSecurity Malaysia announced at the 11th Cyber Security Malaysia – Awards, Conference and Exhibition “CSM-ACE 2019” that the cybersecurity agency has deployed trusted BlackBerry software to protect the country’s most sensitive information, enable secure mobile working and accelerate digital transformation. 

CyberSecurity Malaysia faced with both stringent security compliance requirements and an increasingly digital workforce, needed a technology partner that would help set an example of excellence in the ASEAN region, protecting the nation’s most important data whilst driving collaboration and new ways of working.  

Chief executive officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia, Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab said, “The challenge of an increasingly digital workplace calls for a greater need to protect data and increase operational efficiency. BlackBerry’s zero-trust approach to security helped CyberSecurity Malaysia addressed secure collaboration and meet new compliance requirements, and  gave us confidence that our nation’s valuable intellectual property is safe and secure with BlackBerry.”

The roll-out, which includes secure content collaboration software BlackBerry Workspaces and the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite (including BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager or UEM) provided a seamless and secure working environment for all agency staff, contractors and other third-parties.

CyberSecurity Malaysia and other stakeholders constantly shared and collaborated on documents containing highly sensitive material. It is a priority for the agency that these files are protected with encrypted track and trace capabilities offered by solutions. Now, CyberSecurity Malaysia has granted specific and restricted access to certain information and track who has received, opened, or forwarded each document. 

The deployment of BlackBerry software enabling staffs to safely share sensitive data in a trusted environment and mitigate against cyber threats and risks of data breaches. CyberSecurity Malaysia now has complete endpoint management and policy control for diverse and growing fleets of devices and apps. This not only helped strike the balance between efficiency and security but also complied with Malaysia’s Data Leakage Protection framework (DLP).

Amit Mehta, managing director, BlackBerry, ASEAN and India said, “BlackBerry has always been trusted by governments and enterprises for security, privacy and control. Now a leading security software and services company, BlackBerry protects against threats to apps, data, devices, networks, processes and autonomous systems at every layer of an enterprise and any Internet of Things device. Together with CyberSecurity Malaysia, we are proud to help the nation protect its most important information, meet compliance and still advance towards its digital transformation goals.”

What’s with the software?

BlackBerry software connects and secure their endpoints, which are both physical (smartphones, tablets, wearables) and digital (messaging, files, voice, text), as well as aid them in the development of smart systems within the growing Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.  

BlackBerry UEM, deployed by CyberSecurity Malaysia, provided an integrated view of users, devices, apps and policies, across multiple ownership models and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Its single management console offers an all-in-one business class email, calendar, contacts, docs and intranet solution for employees to stay on top of tasks. The trusted end-to-end security model also provides access to all corporate resources without the need for a VPN so on/off boarding for non-traditional employees, such as remote workers and contract workers, is made easy.