With multiple payment gateways, apps and APIs in use nationwide, the fast-growth business recognizes the need to automate and prioritize cybersecurity.

With its fleet of over 23,000 taxis, containers, logistics and heavy equipment, Indonesia’s transportation firm Bluebird Group has a complex vendor and partner ecosystem, including payment gateways, apps and APIs.

On 23 March 2022, the firm announced that it is putting security at the center of its digital strategy, seeking round-the-clock support for a highly mobile, fast-growth business that needs to secure data.

Bluebird will be deploying AI-enabled cybersecurity software and a managed Extended Detection and Response service to strengthen its security posture throughout the transportation supply chain as it pivots to digital. With support from Telkomsel, the firm will have access to always-on cybersecurity expertise, powered by BlackBerry Limited’s AI and ML solutions for continuous automated protection, detection, and response.

Said the transport firm’s Vice President of IT, Muhammad Suhada: “Bluebird has always put safety and security at the heart of our business, from our consumer experience through to our IT ecosystem,” adding that the need for “smart, AI-based machine learning and a fully dedicated external security team” allows the firm to “optimize resources to improve and streamline user experience.”

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Corporate Account Management, Ceppy Djakaria, said: “Thousands of companies like Bluebird Group form the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. As they become digital-first, they must also become cybersecurity-first. However, often they don’t know where to start, how much it costs, and what skills and tools are required,” alluding to Telkomsel’s partnerships with client organizations of various sizes to facilitate secure digital transformation.

BlackBerry’s Director of APAC Channels, Graeme Pyper, said: “Together with Telkomsel, BlackBerry is proud to support Bluebird to help bolster cyber skills and enable an intelligent approach to security with ourseventh generation AI engine and managed Extended Detection and Response service.”