The basic tips are probably just the tip of the agency’s cyber-warfare-arsenal iceberg, but state-sponsored actors are equal-opportunity champions too

Some of the lesser-known (or less-preferred) tips include:

  • Disable location services when not needed [and] do not take the device with you to sensitive locations
  • Never connect a personal device to government computers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or to public/free Wi-Fi networks
  • Only use your phone’s original charging cords and avoid public USB charging stations
  • Consider using a protective smartphone case that drowns the microphone to block room audio (hot-miking attack). Install a suitable camera lens cover for selfie and main cameras
  • Install a minimal number of applications, and install only those from official application stores. Be cautious of the personal data entered into applications. Close applications when not using
  • Power the device off and on weekly
  • Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it. Airplane mode does not always disable Bluetooth on some devices or user settings