Organizations continue to face massive challenges in detecting and remediating cybersecurity incidents, especially supply chain attacks and ransomware.

Organizations are facing a crisis of trust around legacy vendors as software supply chain attacks continue to present challenges. This sentiment is echoed throughout the APAC region, with 66% citing frequent security incidents as a reason for losing trust in legacy IT vendors.

According to CrowdStrike’s Global Security Attitude Survey 2021, close to 67% of Singapore-based respondents have suffered a supply chain attack during their lifetime. Organizations in India were the most prone, with 84% having experienced a software supply chain attack, followed by Australia (82%) and Japan (73%). 

Findings from the global survey also show that ransomware attacks cost APAC organizations US$2.35 million, the highest out of all regions. Organizations are also almost universally getting hit with double extortion, when threat actors not only demand a ransom to decrypt data, but additionally threaten to leak or sell the data unless the victims pay more money.

CrowdStrike encourages organizations to strive to meet the 1-10-60 rule, but organizations are still struggling to detect and remediate threats in a timely manner.

Check out the infographic for more detailed findings, what the 1-10-60 rule is, and the reasons why organizations are struggling to achieve it.