McGrath Estate Agents sustain massive growth with secure, scalable data protection from Veeam and CT4.

Known for pioneering IT innovation, McGrath’s adoption of cutting-edge technology fueled substantial growth. This surge attracted numerous new agents and competing real estate firms seeking to be part of the McGrath brand. Consequently, their data volume swelled, overwhelming its incumbent system.

In the company’s pursuit of automated, scalable backup that supports its growth, McGrath chose to partner with CT4, a global technology services provider that uses Veeam Software to power its data protection offering, Cirrus. In addition to ensuring data restoration whenever and wherever, the technology also encrypts the rapidly growing data behind McGrath’s 2,500 Microsoft 365 users and fast-growing property management and research data in Azure.

Veeam’s solutions have enabled McGrath to achieve the following:

    • Allow the business to tailor storage based on its particular business needs, supporting legal compliance and saving $100,000 in data protection costs annually.
    • Achieve data immutability in any disaster scenario, including ransomware.
    • Sustain massive business growth with secure, scalable backup and recovery given Veeam’s flexible restore capabilities.

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