A virtual ‘fireside chat’ that offers valuable tips and strategies from identity security experts.

Today, our organizations and workforce need secure access to our IT resources across any device, anywhere, at the right time. Identity and access management needs to evolve with the fast-changing work environment in the world of hybrid work and multi-cloud infrastructure.


Are we stuck with legacy SSO and MFA solutions? Are we still trusting VPN access and passwords to provide identity security? You certainly won’t be satisfied with such outdated means of securing, verifying and authenticating users. But what’s the best way forward?

CybersecAsia and CyberArk came together to bring you a virtual fireside chat with cybersecurity experts to discuss identity security issues, challenges, best practices and solutions.

Key talking points:

  • Why is authentication and ‘zero trust’ becoming more important for organizations today?
  • Why should organizations upgrade their current MFA solutions?
  • What are some reasons that organizations do not want to upgrade, and how will this impact them?
  • What authentication method is most secure?
  • Can we incorporate machine learning for stronger authentication?
  • Should we enforce MFA at our endpoints, especially with the current large remote workforce?
  • What are some best security practices for remote working users in WFH environments?