Listen in as we discuss the cybersecurity trends and developments in 2021, and look ahead at the cyber-threat landscape in 2022:

 Talking Points

  • What have been the most significant cyber-threats to organizations in Asia Pacific in 2021?
  • What were some key developments among governments, cybersecurity solution/service industry, and end-user organizations in the region worth noting?
  • As we approach 2022, how do you foresee the cyber-threat landscape evolving, and what would be some major threats and risks organizations should expect?
  • How should we be preparing for these possibilities in 2022 and beyond?


10:30AM       Zoom session open for registration/login

10:40AM       Opening – Housekeeping & Introduction (Moderator)

10:45AM       Expert Panelists’ Self-Introduction

10:50AM      Fireside Chat Begins

11:40AM       Questions from the Audience

11:55AM       Closing & Announcements

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