Whitepaper: IT and OT Infrastructure Cybersecurity Threats


Industrial cybersecurity threats that can bring down critical infrastructures

Whitepaper: IT and OT Infrastructure Cybersecurity Threats

Industries face cybersecurity threats brought about by accidental IT/OT convergence, outdated equipment, insecure controllers, negligent employees, lack of OT network visibility – that can bring down critical IT and OT infrastructures. 

OT security capabilities should include identification and predictive prioritization of cyber threats and vulnerabilities through heightened enterprise visibility, asset tracking, threat detection and mitigation, configuration control, and vulnerability management.

Bringing together IT and OT builds an ecosystem of trust, promotes regulatory compliance, and enhances proactive reporting to make audit significantly easier, setting up your business to success.

This eBook explains the cyberthreats that industries face when weaving automation and IoT into their OT workflows and the best practices to protect industrial networks from malicious insiders.


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