Case Study: Korean hospital opts for CipherTrust Transparent Encryption to enhance security

The final piece of its security strategy puzzle was an encryption solution that could work seamlessly with both structured and unstructured data.

Korean hospital opts for Vormetric Transparent Encryption to enhance security

Jeju National University Hospital (JNUH) is a public hospital in South Korea that provides research, education and medical treatment. To help achieve its goal of being a world-class hospital, JNUH has invested in new buildings, medical specialists, and cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure.

The updated infrastructure consists of an integrated medical information system that includes an Order Communication System (OCS), an Electronic Medical Record system (EMR), and a Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS).

Given the wide variety of highly confidential data that it handles, JNUH falls at the intersection of numerous regional, industry, and general regulatory mandates associated with personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data categories.

As a demonstration of its commitment to adhere to the highest levels of data integrity, JNUH needs to exceed industry-defined requirements relating to protecting patient data, and to comply with South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Alongside its traditional protection measures, the hospital has deployed a sophisticated set of data security solutions. The final piece of the puzzle was to identify an encryption solution that could work seamlessly with both structured and unstructured data.

To be considered a viable contender, any potential encryption solution had to be capable of operating without disrupting the patient management system or PACS-related applications, while simultaneously meeting South Korea’s comprehensive PIPA and PHI regulatory standards.

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