IDC in Conversation – How Exposure Management Aligns with Organizational and Security Strategy in Asia Pacific

The document is a sponsored conversation between Christian Fam, Regional Research Manager at IDC Asia/Pacific, and Nigel Ng, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at Tenable, discussing the importance of exposure management in the context of cybersecurity. The conversation, sponsored by Tenable, highlights the evolution of exposure management beyond traditional vulnerability scans and its role in addressing the challenges posed by sophisticated cyber threats.

The document also features a sponsored message underscoring Tenable’s consistent top-ranking position for four consecutive years in global Device Vulnerability Management market share. Additionally, the document promotes Tenable Exposure Management Solutions. The analysts featured in the discussion are Christian Fam from IDC and Nigel Ng from Tenable. They offer valuable insights into exposure management and its synergy with organizational and security strategies

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