451 Research Business Analyst Report On Cloud Security Delivery  


451 Research Business Analyst Report On Cloud Security Delivery

Learn what to choose between native and third-party when delivering cloud security.

One of the main reasons companies migrate to the cloud is its superior ability to simplify different operations and enhance business agility, but it’s not the case for security as security remains the top barrier to adopting the public cloud ahead of performance, reliability, and cost, according to the latest study of 451 Research. 

The study, Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services, Workloads, and Key Projects, shows that protecting sensitive data has become more important in the cloud as compared to the old perimeter-based world, amidst the perception that customer’s data lies within a secure ‘black box.’

Many enterprises begin with native security tools and then shift to third-party offerings with changing needs and maturity of their cloud security programs, prompting the need to span hybrid and multi-cloud environments and third-party security vendors to orchestrate and centralize key management across clouds, helping organizations reduce complexity.

This analyst report can help your organization centrally manage keys across multiple cloud platforms with CipherTrust Data Security Platform to gain operational efficiency, boost compliance, and improve security.


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