2023 Cloud Security Report: Trends and Insights

In today’s fast-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the cloud promises unparalleled advantages, from flexibility and scalability to enhanced agility and rapid provisioning. However, cloud security remains a significant hurdle for adoption. These apprehensions, as revealed by the perceptions of cloud security professionals, remain largely unaltered. In fact, several factors contribute to these reservations.

  • High Concern: 95% of organizations worry about public cloud security.
  • Top Risk: 59% of experts point to misconfiguration as the most pressing concern.
  • Rapid Adoption: Currently, 39% have over half their workloads in the cloud.
  • Multi-Cloud Trend: 69% use two or more cloud providers.
  • Key Workloads: Security services lead (56%), followed by compute (54%), storage (52%), and applications (51%).
  • Barriers to Adoption: Challenges include a lack of qualified staff (37%), legal and regulatory compliance (30%), data security issues (29%), and integration with existing IT environments (27%).

Download the 2023 Cloud Security report and learn how organizations are navigating the complex landscape of cloud security challenges and gain valuable insights to bolster your cloud security approach.


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