• Making its Malaysia site to provide one-stop cloud IT infrastructure service
  • Further enhanced its leadership position in the cloud data center market

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wiwynn Corporation (Wiwynn), a Taiwan-based innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for hyperscale data centres, today officially commenced its phase II development on a server printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) plant for cloud data centers, with a groundbreaking ceremony held at Senai airport city, Johor. 

Wiwynn has made an impactful debut when it introduced its phase I – server rack integration plant amid the pandemic lockdown in Dec 2021. With today’s announcement on its phase II – server PCBA plant, its Malaysia site will be one of Wiwynn’s hubs that provide complete services from PCBA to rack integration to address the surging demand from hyperscale data centres.

“We are truly grateful for all the support given by the local authorities when we kicked off our server rack integration plant development end of last year. And it has given us the confidence to expedite the launch of our phase II server PCBA lines,” said Dr. Sunlai Chang, President of Wiwynn. “We are excited about the expansion and are looking forward to accelerating growth in Malaysia.”

Johor has the right ecosystem to attract quality investments and I look forward to seeing tremendous success for Wiwynn’s steady and aggressive progress for both plants in just 6 months time. I believe that the success will ripple positive socio-economic impacts in Johor. The state government will continue to extend a dedicated level of assistance in supporting the growth of Wiwynn in this region,” said Datuk Onn Hafiz, Johor’s Chief Minister.

“Wiwynn’s decision to further expand their presence in Malaysia has proven that the country continues to be a competitive investment location for high-value operations amidst global headwinds. It is also expected to generate high-skill employment opportunities for local talent, contribute to the economic upliftment of the community as well as boost commercial development in the state. This expansion project is in line with the National Investment Aspirations (NIA) to make Malaysia a strategic investment hub. MIDA looks forward to working closely with Wiwynn to support the growth of their operations here in Malaysia. We believe this Malaysian plant will springboard Wiwynn to the next level in the region,” said Datuk Arham Abdul Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

Wiwynn is one of the largest ODM-Direct cloud IT infrastructure providers and has built a close partnership with world-leading cloud service providers. It has achieved an impressive growth of USD 1billion in 2016 and further recorded USD 6.8billion in 2021, showing its strong performance.

“The Meta Wiwynn relationship that dates back to 2012, has continued to become stronger over the years. Thank Wiwynn for the deep partnership, deliverance towards our business goals, dedication to pursue continuous improvement, building on the trust and transparency we have established, and finally, also making us better in the process,” said Sandeep Jayaram, Director of Global Supply Chain at Meta (previously known as Facebook).

“We will bring in the next-generation technologies and follow the highest Gold standard of Green Building Index (GBI) technology to enable smart manufacturing in the new site to show our commitment to a sustainable environment and operation,” added Dr. Sunlai Chang.

The GBI is Malaysia’s industry-recognised green rating tool which provides an indicator to design and construct green, sustainable buildings that can provide energy savings and sustainable business development.

Wiwynn is a highly reputed company in corporate social responsibility. They are one of the members of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to supporting workers’ rights and well-being while ensuring a safe and respectful working environment.

The completion of Wiwynn’s server rack integration plant (phase I) is set in Q1 2023, followed by the PCBA plant (phase II) which is scheduled to be put into operations in 2024. After completion, more than 1,150 job opportunities are expected for the locals. For more info, please visit https://www.wiwynn.com or contact recruit@wiwynn.com.

About Wiwynn

Wiwynn is an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of high-quality computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for leading data centers. We are committed to the vision of “unleash the power of digitalization; ignite the innovation of sustainability”. The Company aggressively invest in next-generation technologies to provide the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), workload and energy-optimized IT solutions from cloud to edge.

For more information, please visit Wiwynn website, Facebook and Linkedin or contact sales@wiwynn.com