HONG KONG, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SU Group Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: SUGP) (“SU Group” or the “Company”), an integrated security-related engineering services company in Hong Kong, today announced that one of the world’s top 5 freight services company has selected SU Group for a state-of-the-art threat detection system, with integrated X-ray systems for air cargo inspection to balance security needs with the efficient flow of goods through the transportation network.

Under the agreement, SU Group will supply, install, train and provide maintenance and support for a system threat detection system. The state-of-the-art, integrated security system will include 2 advanced X-ray systems for more rapid, enhanced air cargo inspection. An X-ray system for air cargo inspection is an enhanced security screening technology used to examine the contents of cargo shipments at airports or other transportation hubs. The system utilizes X-ray imaging to create detailed images of the internal structure of the cargo, allowing security personnel to identify any suspicious or prohibited items including weapons, explosives, or other prohibited materials, without physically opening the packages.

SU Group’s Chairman and CEO, Dave Chan, commented, “We are very excited to be working in support of this prominent, global customer. They have built an impressive world-class smart logistics platform and share in our vision for leveraging advanced security systems to increase operational efficiency and to ensure overall security. We expect this system to serve as a notable solution for the broader supply chain and services industry, as more companies seek to add both operational efficiency and an enhanced layer of security to differentiate and better compete. We also expect this latest important win to add to our business , and we are optimistic about the potential for accelerated growth as we move forward.”

Key Features and Components of an X-ray System for Air Cargo Inspection Include:

  • X-ray Generator: Produces X-rays that penetrate through the cargo. The energy level of the X-rays is carefully controlled to provide sufficient penetration while minimizing radiation exposure.
  • Detector Array: Captures the X-rays that pass through the cargo and converts them into electronic signals. The signals are then used to create detailed images of the contents.
  • Computer System: Processes the electronic signals from the detector array and generates high-resolution images of the cargo. Advanced image processing algorithms may be employed to enhance the visibility of objects within the cargo.
  • Automated Threat Recognition (ATR): Utilizes computer algorithms to automatically identify potential threats or anomalies within the X-ray images. ATR helps streamline the inspection process and assists operators in quickly identifying items that may require further investigation.
  • Operator Console: Allows security personnel to view and analyze the X-ray images in real-time. The operator can manipulate the images, zoom in on specific areas, and apply various image enhancement techniques to improve detection accuracy.
  • Conveyor System: Automatically moves the cargo through the inspection process, ensuring a continuous flow of items for screening. Systems can include dual-view capabilities, where the cargo is scanned from two different angles for better detection.

About SU Group Holdings Limited

SU Group (Nasdaq: SUGP) is an integrated security-related services company that primarily provides security-related engineering services, security guarding and screening services, and related vocational training services in Hong Kong. Through its subsidiaries, SU Group has been providing turnkey services to the existing infrastructure or planned development of its customers through the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of security systems for over two decades. The security systems that SU Group provides services include threat detection systems, traffic and pedestrian control systems, and extra-low voltage systems in private and public sectors, including commercial properties, public facilities, and residential properties in Hong Kong. For more information visit www.sugroup.com.hk.

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