• Cooperation for AMI(Implementation of Smart Power Meter) pilot project and AI-based operation in Star Lake New Town in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Significance in ‘Open Innovation’ collaboration between Vietnamese state-owned company and Korean private enterprises
  • First step towards the stable and safe power supply, as well as data based Smart City

SEOUL, South Korea, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud delivery platform company, Bespin Global(https://bespinglobal.com, CEO HanJoo Lee) announced on June 8th that its Vietnamese subsidiary – Bespin Global Vietnam, a local subsidiary of Daewoo Engineering & Construction – THT Development Company, and Hanoi Power Corporation – EVNHANOI, recently signed an MOU for AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure, intelligent remote meter reading infrastructure) pilot project in Star Lake New Town.

Bespin Global Vietnam, EVNHANOI and Daewoo E&C THT Development are signing MOU for AMI Pilot Project in the Star Lake New Town. From left, General Director of Daewoo E&C THT Development, Kuk-jin An, General Director of Hanoi Power Corporation, Nguyễn Danh Duyên, and Head of Bespin Global Vietnam, Ted Kim

The MOU was signed to upgrade the system and provide benefits to users by introducing a pilot infrastructure applied with AMI within Star Lake New Town in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is independently created by Daewoo Engineering & Construction. This will not only improve convenience, but also enable the collection, analysis, and integrated operation of data, which will take a step forward in the implementation of a true Smart City. The AMI, under the direction of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, is a pilot project that the Vietnam Electricity Corporation is pursuing in two regions(Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) by 2025. It is expected to become one of Vietnam’s core technology standards in the future by being linked to the Smart City Data Integrated Management Platform(THT-BESPIN SMART CITY HUB) jointly built and operated by Bespin Global and THT Development.

Through the cooperation of three organizations, it is possible to analyze the trend of power use by hour, day, and month along with monitoring power usage. In addition, based on real-time data, existing collected data, and weather forecasts, it is also possible to predict the power consumption of residents, buildings and cities as a whole, and the power optimization method is also automatically supported.

This MOU is especially meaningful since Korean private companies support the core platforms for data collection, integration and analysis, and have achieved cooperation in terms of open innovation with Vietnamese state-owned company. It is expected to contribute to the creation of a new business model based on data in the future, as well as serve as a stepping stone for the establishment of a Smart City standardization model.

Nguyễn Danh Duyên, General Director of EVNHANOI said, “By applying AMI’s Industry 4.0 application technology, we can build a customer management ecosystem. We will be able to efficiently manage customers with self-monitoring, daily power production monitoring, and self-calculation of electricity bills which will help to improve customer satisfaction.”

An Kuk-jin, General Director of Daewoo E&C THT Development, said, “By jointly establishing AMI infrastructure with Hanoi Power Corporation in the central area of the Star Lake City project, a foundation for providing safe and stable power has been established. This is the most basic and important element of Smart City, and it is one of the successful cases of applying the data-based ‘Smart City 2.0 Standard Model’ developed by Daewoo Engineering & Construction and Bespin Global to the public sector.” He added that “This partnership will be a very meaningful step towards expanding the ‘Smart City 2.0 Standard Model’ that organically connects cities, operates on a data basis, and continues to create new values.”

Ted Kim, General Manager of Bespin Global Vietnam, said, “In order to provide users with high-quality Smart City services, it is essential to build a platform for the collection and analysis of a large number of data generated by facilities and services.” He stressed that “Based on Bespin Global’s technology and vision for a smarter world, we will take the lead in fostering innovative industrial models and providing more convenient and pleasant lives to citizens by integrating and analyzing the data generated in cities.”