If 2020 statistics are an indication, 2021 is set to see a proliferation of BGH, ransomware and supply chain espionage.

CrowdStrike has recently released its 2021 Global Threat Report, which shows that not even the global pandemic could slow the pace of targeted intrusions by cybercriminals and nation-state adversaries in 2020, and CrowdStrike Intelligence assesses that adversaries this year will continue to be as prolific as ever.

Some of the key highlights include: 

  • The allure of big game hunting (BGH), ransomware campaigns aimed at high-value targets, dominated the ecosystem of eCrime enablers in 2020, spurring the market for network access brokers
  • CrowdStrike Intelligence has observed both established criminal actors and ransomware operators adopting and reimagining BGH tactics, and identified at least 1,377 unique Big game hunting infections throughout 2020
  • Cybercriminals actors commonly leverage the supply chain for financial gain or to deploy espionage-driven toolsets, and CrowdStrike Intelligence anticipates that supply chain attacks will continue to threaten organizations across all sectors in 2021