The writing on the wall is clear: signature based antivirus protection is under siege in the current escalating cyber risk landscape

In view of the escalating cybersecurity risks around the globe, an express delivery service provider operating in South-east Asia with a total workforce of 10,000 employees has made a strategic shift from signature-based antivirus (AV) protection to an AI-driven driven solution.

With operations in Malaysia and other parts of South-east Asia — namely Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, the firm has a fleet size of over 6,000 vehicles supported by digital platforms in a modernized technology infrastructure that the firm’s management feels is being exposed to increasingly hostile cyber threat actors.

For example, a recent breach attempt against an Indonesian firm was foiled when the an AI-powered engine detected and eliminated a crypto-jacking malware. Even otherwise-innocent WAV files are now being weaponized by cybercriminals.

Also, according to Melvin Foong, CIO, GDEX (GDEX Bhd), as competition increases and supply chains continue to be digitalized, his firm wants to “rapidly automate cybersecurity and establish the resilience we demand. Signature-based software can no longer adequately protect our organization… and to help us deliver our most important priority — ensuring GDEX customer data is secure and trusted.”

Turning to BlackBerry Limited for its switchover strategy, GDEX simplified its security software stack that automates end-point protection and end-point detection and response (EDR). The solutions use AI and ML to defend against malware infection and potential data breaches without requiring constant updating of malware signatures and detection engines.

GDEX is also looking to expand its AI-led cybersecurity strategy with other synergistic BlackBerry solutions to simplify and securing its entire infrastructure continually.

Shishir Singh, EVP and CTO, BlackBerry Cybersecurity, said: “The logistics and supply chain segments are undergoing a period of tremendous growth but also operating under challenging conditions, with vast ecosystems of endpoints that are under attack. We could not be more pleased to help GDEX change gear to a proactive and preventative approach that will both deter cybercriminals and importantly, ensure data integrity.”