BlackBerry secures 96% of the enterprise IoT threat landscape

Frost & Sullivan’s independent research found that BlackBerry is well-positioned to secure all IoT endpoints, and upwards of 96% of all cyberthreats in the current landscape.

BlackBerry secures 96% of the enterprise IoT threat landscape

Digital transformation has impacted all aspects of modern life. Businesses, governments, organizations and people have become accustomed to real-time information, communication, and action. This increased level of connectivity has allowed us to become more efficient, productive and resilient.

For instance, because of the mobility that connectivity has enabled, millions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic were able to work, “socialize,” and stay informed remotely while sheltering in place. Never in history has this level of information and communication been so readily and easily available.

However, with connectivity comes risk.

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has assessed the cyberthreat landscape and the proportion that BlackBerry’s suite of technologies can protect against. After quantifying the overall market in terms of number of attacks and categorizing those attacks as more preventable by network- or endpoint-based security, Frost & Sullivan determined that comprehensive endpoint-based security can protect upwards of 96% of attacks.

Endpoints are the entry point of 97% of attacks, and BlackBerry is able to secure all IoT endpoints, proving to be a comprehensive, effective, scalable, and high ROI cybersecurity solution for businesses operating in the digital economy.

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