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Certis launches Digital Campaign to Boost Tech Talent Hiring and to Grow Tech Workforce

 Firm’s ongoing transformation includes digital upskilling for employees as a building block towards a future-ready workforce  

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Certis will boost its technology (tech) workforce hiring to develop more innovative, smart security solutions incorporating internet of things, robotics and artificial intelligence to support the increased digitalisation amongst existing and potential customers following the pandemic. 



Asia’s leading smart security and integrated services firm will launch a recruitment campaign in Singapore from 1 June 2022, targeted at hiring tech professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) roles. As part of its transformation into a tech-led security solutions firm, the campaign aims to attract more tech individuals to design and create Certis’ next generation of technological offerings – from operations-tech to enterprise software – so as to achieve greater operational efficiencies and business outcomes for its customers. Interested job candidates can apply for vacancies at

Available roles range from data engineers, software architects, cybersecurity specialists, cloud engineers and data analysts.

Mr Robin Goh, Certis’ Senior Vice President and Head of Group Communications and Marketing, said: “Our globally talented tech workforce has been instrumental in supporting Certis’ strategic evolution into a technology company in the last four years. As we continue to expand our suite of innovative enterprise ops-tech solutions and products across our large global customer footprint in diverse sectors, our tech workforce must grow in tandem – to fulfil our purpose to secure a safer, smarter, better future for generations ahead.”

Since 2018, Certis’ tech workforce has supported the development of industry-leading smart integrated solutions such as Security+ and BPRO® to drive business outcomes in increased productivity, efficiency and enhanced experience for its customers in the government, retail, property and education sectors. In addition, the tech teams have also developed in-house ops-tech applications for staff members, such as Allegro, e-LMS (on-demand learning management system) and its back-to-office app, in transforming how employees work and interact – while at the same time driving productivity and efficiency within the organisation.

Continuous Upskilling for a Future-Ready Workforce

As Certis continues to grow, it remains committed to upskilling the knowledge and skill-sets of its tech workforce. In the last year, 77% of its global tech workforce have upgraded their skills in data analytics, ops-tech and development, enterprise systems and project management. These tech courses were conducted online through Certis’ e-LMS system established by Certis Corporate University (CCU), as well as in partnership with various global technology partners.

To instil tech-savviness across its business, Certis has also extended tech development courses to its employees in non-tech roles. Immersive technology and methods have also been introduced by CCU to enhance the applied learning experience. These include incorporating virtual and augmented reality into training programmes that enable employees to learn more effectively through multiple scenario-based immersive learning. Over 50% of its office-based workforce have taken courses to build core digital literacy skills in data analytics, power platforms and rapid applications development.

Additionally, Certis has also focused on tech upskilling for its frontline team members. In the past year alone, some 87% of its 11,000-strong frontliners in Singapore had completed at least one digital and technology programme. 

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About Certis (

Certis is a leading outsourced services partner that designs, builds and operates multi-disciplinary smart security and integrated services. Our multi-service offerings leverage our strong heritage in security, and are augmented by applied AI solutions. These solutions are part of our comprehensive technology development and systems integration capabilities that are fully cyber-secure by design. We are committed to building a safer, smarter, better, and more sustainable business. Certis is headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Qatar. We are a trusted partner committed to our clients’ successes, delivered through our 27,000-strong global team which includes 16,000 in Singapore.

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