Quick Guide- Enable & Secure Your Remote Workforce

IT departments are under incredible pressure to maintain the business productivity for an expanded remote workforce that may already be exponentially larger than it was just a few weeks ago.

Quick Guide- Enable & Secure Your Remote Workforce

As many IT teams work overtime to enable remote workers, the risks of not maintaining security practices are also top of mind, with the acute awareness that threat actors are actively seeking opportunities to benefit from current circumstances.

In this Quick Guide you will discover:

  • The most pressing challenges to enabling a secure remote workforce
  • How to equip your IT Service Desk to handle the remote working surge
  • The shortcomings of VPN connections and how to mitigate risk
  • How to control applications and limit shadow IT
  • How to protect remote sessions and endpoints from malware and attacks
  • The guide also covers how BeyondTrust solutions quickly enable remote workers without sacrificing security.

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