Cyber AI for SaaS Security:

Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce
Protecting your dynamic workforce

Today’s dynamic workforce is dispersed, agile and unpredictable. From a security perspective, user behaviors are more disjointed than ever – cutting across a wide range of email, cloud, and SaaS services, and often operating well beyond the corporate network.

To protect today’s dynamic workforce, security teams must be equipped to discern when and how a trusted account has been leveraged for nefarious purposes. This requires more than just a defined list of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’  – it requires an ‘immune system’ approach to security that is not only adaptive, but also grounded in a unified and behavioral understanding of your entire workforce.

Perhaps the most critical locus of workforce activity today resides in SaaS applications, with users increasingly leveraging cloud services from Salesforce and G Suite, to Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365. These platforms fuel efficiency and innovation at an unprecedented scale, and organizations of all shapes and sizes have adopted them to manage highly sensitive data and mission-critical operations.

Find out how real-world organizations are leveraging Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform as their immune system against cyberthreats for the dynamic ‘new normal’ SaaS-reliant workforce.

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