Video: Overcoming cybersecurity challenges in the digital transformation journey

Challenges, opportunities and strategies in managing and securing user identity and access, for effective transformation in the cloud-based digital economy.

Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges in the Digital Transformation Journey

In times of uncertainty, businesses have to adapt and transform to protect their employees and ensure business continuity, while continuing to delight their customers.

The current competitive business landscape brought on by the pandemic ‘new reality’ requires businesses to constantly evolve and grow to keep up with ever-changing infrastructure and market demands.

However, the pace and velocity of technology transformation in enterprises – such as moving to the cloud – has created a larger attack surface for the organizations and a much more difficult environment for security teams to defend against complex threats.

In the cloud era, how can Privileged Access Management (PAM) support the security team as an enabler for digital transformation? How effective is it in stopping lateral movement by threat actors?

CybersecAsia and BeyondTrust came together recently to bring you a virtual panel discussion focused on protecting your business, users, and data in the cloud era. We bring together experts to discuss cybersecurity, online identity, and user access in an increasingly digital world of business.

Listen in as we discuss the security challenges and opportunities brought about by rapid digital transformation with security experts Ajay Kumar, Director, Solutions Engineering – APJ, BeyondTrust and Alvin Rodrigues, Field Chief Security Officer – Asia Pacific, Infoblox.

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