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Panel discussion: transforming your WAN and security for successful digitalization

To survive – and thrive – in the ‘new normal’, successful digital enterprises require both WAN and security transformation.

Panel discussion: transforming your WAN and security for successful transformation

In the ‘new normal’ brought about by COVID-19, digitalization and security have taken center stage for many organizations in the region.

The rise of the digital economy has been made more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, as organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on technology for business continuity, communication and collaboration, employee productivity and customer experience.

Applications are the engines and data is the fuel for this digital economy. And applications and data must be available and effectively delivered to the right people at the right time.

One very pervasive strategy for this transformation is leveraging cloud and edge computing. Whatever stage of digital transformation you may be in, you need to effectively mitigate against network latency, downtime and cyber threats – to survive and thrive as a digital enterprise.

That’s why CybersecAsia, together with SD-WAN leader Silver Peak and cloud security leader Zscaler, came together with a leading Indian wellness and pharmaceutical solutions provider to discuss how to best provide secure access delivered via the cloud – for any user, application and location.

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