Why Should APAC Business Need a Third-party Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?

APAC enterprises must consider a third-party Microsoft 365 data backup solution

Many APAC enterprises use Microsoft 365 solutions for communicating, collaborating, file sharing, data storage, and more, which create and interact with more unstructured data than ever before, necessitating backup.

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    Microsoft 365 data backup is important for quick file recovery that users may have accidentally or maliciously deleted, to meet compliance retention and legal requirements, and prevent ransomware.

    Just because Microsoft 365 data lives in the cloud doesn’t mean it is always or safely available when the business needs it most, so adopting a third-party Microsoft 365 data backup solution is critical.

    Learn the five reasons every business needs to consider a third-party backup solution for Microsoft 365 and other cloud data sources in this helpful resource we curated just for you.