Case Study:

Wallex ups its security posture

To fulfil its mission of offering financial solutions to help SMEs focus on growing their business, Wallex needed a secure cloud infrastructure while complying with stringent financial regulations. 

Wallex ups its security posture

Operating out of Singapore and Indonesia, Wallex Technologies Pte Ltd provides B2B forex cross-border payments solutions for SMEs on a single platform – for all their international payments, transactional FX, collections and other services – in 40+ currencies and 180 countries around the world.

In 2019, Wallex was looking at cybersecurity vendors to partner with. High on its list of requirements was trusted vendors that understood and are able to solve its problems.

While looking at cybersecurity services, the company saw that Horangi offered a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool in Horangi Warden and noted that this might help improve the security of Wallex’s cloud infrastructure, while helping it achieve compliance under Singapore’s stringent MAS Cyber Hygiene and MAS-TRM regulations.

Check out how Warden helps Wallex with compliance, especially how issues in its AWS environment map against its MAS compliance requirements.

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