Upgrading existing security systems to become agile quantum-safe

How to ensure critical infrastructure and information are protected against quantum computer attacks.

Upgrading existing security systems to become agile quantum-safe

The threat to public key cryptography from quantum computers is now a matter of “when”, not “if”.

We have only a limited amount of time to upgrade and protect systems that are vulnerable today, to authenticate applications that are sustained through SOTA updates and to transition complex infrastructure to ensure authentication and confidentiality of user identification.

Critical data is under threat today, although we have a high level of confidence in the security we use to protect that data. However, protected information that is stolen or copied at some point in the near future becomes clear text in the hands of an adversarial nation-state possessing a large-scale quantum computer.

A hybrid approach utilizing both classical and quantum safe algorithms can solve this. This white paper presents 3 key challenges to critical infrastructure and information, and recommends comprehensive solutions to address them.

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