Video: Track an Attack on Critical Infrastructure


Operational technology (OT) SOC teams face tremendous pressure when dealing with the complex scale of critical infrastructure cyberattacks. But there is a solution that helps analysts better correlate data and improve their decision-making process in the workflow.

Video: Track an Attack on Critical Infrastructure

LogRhythm’s new Detail Page with Timeline View enhances the analyst experience to accelerate threat detection and response. The new capabilities use a single view to tell a cohesive story around user and host data, making it easier to gain proper insight needed to remediate security incidents faster.

In this demo inspired by real-life events, watch a security analyst use our NextGen SIEM Platform to detect a life-threatening cyberattack on a water treatment plant. You will discover how to:

  • Compile user and host data into one view to create a transparent security narrative
  • Easily follow the attack as it progresses via the platform’s Timeline View
  • Uses the Node Link view to visualize relationships and patterns that connect the dots in the attack
  • Leverage automated SmartResponse actions to disable the attacker’s account with one click

See how LogRhythm can help tell a story with the data — in real time!

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