The LogRhythm Security Operations Maturity Model

Learn How to Assess and Improve Your Organization’s Security Operations Maturity.

Now a days, Sophisticated cyber-attackers are compromising organizations at an unprecedented rate — and with devastating and costly consequences. Recently, threat actors were present on victims’ networks for an average of 101 days before detection.

In addition, 77 percent of surveyed organizations said they were compromised in the previous 12 months. Security operations teams must work diligently to protect their organizations, but with limited resources and mountains of data, it can be an uphill battle.

To address these challenges:

LogRhythm’s Security Operations Maturity Model reveals how you can evolve your security operations capabilities to achieve a faster mean time to detect and respond to cyberthreats.


  • How to understand and measure your security operations capabilities
  • Details about the LogRhythm Security Operations Maturity Model
  • LogRhythm’s five levels of security operations maturity
  • How to evaluate your organization’s maturity

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