The Latest Cybersecurity Threats and How to Detect and Mitigate Them

In the age of swift digital transformation, organizations are adopting cutting-edge technologies like automation, AI, and blockchain. Yet, these innovations expand the potential for cyber threats, posing risks to critical business operations.

  • Ransomware: 24% of all breaches involve ransomware.
  • Phishing: It takes 295 days on average to find and
    contain a phishing breach.
  • DDoS Attacks : DDoS attacks grew 57% YoY from 2022 2023.
  • Zero Day Exploits : 32% of Log4j vulnerability scans were conducted within 30 days.
  • Advanced Persistent Threats: The APT market will be
    worth an estimated $12.5 billion by 202
  • Bot Attacks : 34% of all login attempts are done by bots.

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