Tips: Struggling to Securely Keep Up with Digital Acceleration


Digital acceleration is posing security challenges and solutions for enterprises

Struggling to Securely Keep Up with Digital Acceleration

In today’s digital economy, APAC companies must move fast and rapidly adapt to the latest technologies to keep optimal user experience across a mobile and hybrid network workforce. 

In 2022, cyber incidents – such as ransomware, data breaches, and IT outages – are a top concern for companies worldwide, worrying organizations more than the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and supply chain and business disruption.

However, enabling digital acceleration through cloud migration, ubiquitous connectivity, and next generation technology investments have resulted in rapid network edge expansion, causing potential attack surfaces.

As digital acceleration continues, APAC enterprise IT leaders and decision-makers recognize the need to address the significant risks and complexity that accompany highly dynamic and rapidly expanding attack surfaces.

This eBook focuses on how APAC organizations should revamp their cybersecurity strategies to prevent and resolve vulnerabilities associated with rapidly expanding network edges due to digital acceleration.

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