Secure SD-WAN: the launch pad into cloud

SD-WAN is the preferred technology solution to secure cloud deployments for most global organizations.

Secure SD-WAN: the launch pad into cloud

Findings from a global survey of 750 IT decision makers responsible for their organization’s cloud infrastructure – from the US, EMEA and APAC, representing organizations of all sizes from a broad range of industries – were released in June 2020.

This report provides key findings from the survey, offering an in-depth look at deployment trends such as:

  – SD-WAN deployment is in its early stages, with the US slightly ahead 
  – Deployments vary greatly by industry
  – Securely accessing the public cloud presents organizations with multiple challenges
  – Half of those who have added security to the public cloud use an SD-WAN solution
  – Acquiring SD-WAN via a cloud provider is the overwhelming preference
  – Simplicity and knowledge are the overall driving factors when it comes to acquisition
  – Driving factors vary greatly by industry
  – Microsoft Azure is the preferred public-cloud platform

Check out the details of these key findings in this report.

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