Whitepapers: Quantum computing & quantum-safe security

What are the implications of quantum computing on the cybersecurity landscape?

Whitepapers: Quantum computing & quantum-safe security

The now famous Shor’s algorithm implies that public key cryptography, which uses this technique to generate keys, could be easily broken by a sufficiently powerful quantum computer running it.

The immense computing power of a quantum computer means that such encryption techniques could be broken in a matter of days, or even hours, while a ‘classical’ computer would take thousands of years to perform the equivalent task.

This paper explores what quantum computing technology is, alongside its benefits and threats.

It also analyzes the need for quantum-safe cybersecurity measures, discussing solutions available today that can protect against quantum threats, alongside those that will be available in the near future.

Finally, this paper also explains the need for organizations to embrace crypto-agility within their encryption solutions, so that they remain secure both today, and in the post-quantum era.


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