Executive Brief: Make Your 0365 and G-Suite Highly Secure

How to make your 0365 and G-Suite really secure in modern workplaces

Make Your 0365 and G-Suite Highly Secure

Cybercriminals generate email-borne threats quickly by taking advantage of mega-trends of work-from-home movement, compromising the cybersecurity of enterprises through phishing and escaping the security filters of cloud vendors.

Cloud-based email communication becomes a prime cyberattack vector that bypasses native defense and Security Email Gateways (SEGs), which require full-suite protection for cloud email and SaaS applications to counteract today’s sophisticated attacks.

A layered approach, full-suite protection is crucial to closing security gaps for SaaS applications and cloud email to catch zero-day and email-borne attacks that SEG and Microsoft solutions miss through multi-layered inline threat prevention.

This executive brief explains how to stop business email compromise, malware, zero-days, account takeover, insider threats, and targeted phishing across your enterprise.


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