Infographics: 2021 Thales Access Management APAC Index

Looking into the changes COVID-19 has brought to APAC organizations’ access management systems based on the survey responses of APAC practitioners
Infographics: 2021 Thales Access Management APAC Index

Many APAC organizations face challenges with remote long-term work setup, changing security management expectations and infrastructure.

Some of the challenges and issues companies face include keeping data and access management secure, as well as protecting cloud-based services, implementing hybrid infrastructure, and cost challenges.

APAC practitioners survey responders say that many organizations enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA), VPN, and agnostic access management for multi-cloud environment protection as part of dominant remote access technology.

This infographic summarizes the key findings of an access management survey on the security concerns of APAC organizations on remote work and the leading innovative security and management technologies they implement.

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