Guide to Microsoft 365 Backup and Ransomware Protection

Microsoft 365 data backup and ransomware protection solutions

Malware can infiltrate a business system and hide for a long period to further spread to other applications and systems before a full attack, but Ransomware-as-a-Service affiliate models enable threat actors to easily scale their operations and target any business or industry.

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    Data security matters and protecting Microsoft 365 data against ransomware vulnerabilities and threats is a shared responsibility, wherein businesses must be responsible in ensuring the availability and security of their content. 

    APAC businesses need a modern cloud data backup solution with a next-gen data management backup as a service to get automated backups along with granular and full restores together with ease of use and on-demand access.

    Take actionable steps to reign in cloud data and lower your organisation’s ransomware risk by reading this resource guide.