Five Best Practices to Achieve Network Traffic Security

This white paper delves into the complex landscape of network security amidst evolving technology trends like web applications, mobile devices, and remote work. It emphasizes five key best practices for achieving robust network traffic security:
  • Utilize suitable network security solutions tailored to your needs, such as proxies, load balancers, firewalls, and others.
  • Implement rigorous file scanning for all incoming data to mitigate risks associated with web applications and internal file transfers.
  • Address both known and unknown malware threats, including zero-day threats, using multi-engine scanning and content disarmament.
  • Redact sensitive information to prevent data exfiltration and comply with various regulations.
  • Enhance efficiency and security with an ICAP solution that enables specialized services without compromising network performance.
    The paper highlights OPSWAT’s role in fortifying network traffic security through MetaDefender ICAP Server, offering comprehensive threat detection with multiscanning, deep content disarmament, and proactive data loss prevention. It underscores the importance of leveraging OPSWAT’s solutions for shielding infrastructures against advanced threats and regulatory compliance violations.


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