Whitepaper: Executive guide to the 2020 APAC Threat Intelligence Report

Highlights of NTT’s 8th annual threat report specially for busy executives in the Asia Pacific region.


Whitepaper: Executive guide to the 2020 APAC Threat

This Executive Guide to the NTT 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report identifies the unique challenges industries in the Asia Pacific region face, and the operational, tactical and strategic considerations organizations should leverage to manage risk.

It reminds us that the threat landscape is continuously changing, especially during these tumultuous times, and identifies emerging trends observed across many industries in the region.

Armed with this knowledge, cybersecurity leaders will gain greater situational awareness allowing them to guide investments and support decisions to aid in improving their security posture. Additionally, cybersecurity defenders should leverage this information to assess identified threats against their own risk profile and technology footprint to bolster targeted threat detection and response efforts.

Covering the dynamic environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this Guide is an excellent precursor to the upcoming 9th NTT 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report. Download this report now, while you await to compare with the 2021 version when it’s available here!


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