Deliver security and performance for the most demanding remote workers

Solutions that provide telework security and application performance for the ‘super user’

Deliver security and performance for the most demanding remote workers

Remote work is now a permanent part of the corporate landscape. Already gaining popularity in the recent past, telework will almost certainly receive a large long-term boost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For remote workers, teleworking saves time and money, and can boost productivity. For IT and security teams, however, supporting teleworkers increases the complexity of providing a secure working environment.

That is largely because remote networks tend to have security gaps. Attackers who gain access to insecure systems used by other members of a household, or who hack home or remote office Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, can easily enter the network. Once there, they put connected corporate resources at risk.

Security challenges are important for all teleworkers, but especially critical for ‘super users’.

Who are these super users in your organization, and what should be done to provide them with the bandwidth, performance, connectivity and security needed for them to function effectively?

Download this paper to identify, empower and secure your super users!

*Super users are those with elevated credentials or access to critical business information. Keeping their work activities secure is a high priority for the organization.


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