A comprehensive guide to securing data with database encryption

Demand for database encryption is growing – and growing more difficult.

A comprehensive guide to securing data with database encryption

Today’s enterprise security teams are being tasked with supporting a rapid expansion of database encryption use cases.

For today’s businesses, virtually every critical digital business asset ultimately makes it into corporate databases. Not surprisingly, these repositories often represent the most sought-after targets of malicious insiders and cyber attackers — and it’s a database compromise that tends to pose the most devastating strategic and financial penalties to victimized businesses.

Given these realities, business security policies and regulatory mandates have increasingly stressed the importance of employing encryption to establish strong safeguards around data in databases.

This paper offers an overview of the key approaches required to address this increased demand, and outlines the different types of encryption approaches — helping IT architects, CISOs and database security experts ensure they’re using the right tools for the right purposes.

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