2022 Top Strategic Security Trends by Gartner: CSMA


All you need to know about Cybersecurity Mesh to attain a more defensive security postureToward a safer digital world

2022 Top Strategic Security Trends by Gartner: CSMA

Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) is one of the strategic technology security trends in 2020, an architectural approach proposed by Gartner, promoting interoperability between distinct security products to attain a more consistent and consolidated security posture. 

Gartner’s CSMA concept aligns to what Fortinet Security Fabric exemplifies, reducing operational complexity, ensuring compliance, integrating with technologies and vendors, and emphasizing interoperability, analytics, intelligence, automation, and centralized management.

IT leaders should focus on identity and access management and security by filling security gaps, using a best-of-breed approach, and deploying CSMA supportive layers with a primary vendor-led approach.

Learn about Cybersecurity Mesh to consolidate your enterprise’s security posture in this Gartner research report.


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