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Report shows how cybercrooks cash out and launder stolen funds

Few studies have been conducted into how cybercriminals quickly clean stolen funds without attracting attention: this report is long overdue.

Take a look inside the complex web of money mules, front companies and cryptocurrencies that criminals use to siphon funds from the financial system after a cyber-attack. That is what a new report by secure financial messaging service SWIFT and cybersecurity consultancy BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

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Uncovering the 50 shades of ‘grey hat’ threats

Know the various ways cybercriminals evade detection by using only a network’s own sanctioned tools for the attack.

The best way to test if a door is locked is to try to open it. Similarly, one of the best ways to test your computer security is to try to breach its defenses using known tools. These are referred to as ‘grey hat’ tools and they are used legitimately by penetration testers and red teams to launch attacks with benign payloads on computers and networks.

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DPRK-aligned threat actor targeting cryptocurrency vertical with global hacking campaign

The infamous Lazarus Group has again been linked to financially-motivated cyberthreats around the world, because sanctions make NKorea more desperate.

An attack against an organization working in the cryptocurrency vertical has been linked to the notorious Lazarus Group (APT38)—a highly-skilled, financially-motivated threat actor whose interests reportedly align with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

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IP address of over 900 VPN access gateways and login details leaked

Even more dire consequences could surface if password reuse habits by compromised users are exploited by hackers.

A list containing plaintext usernames and passwords, along with IP addresses for over 900 VPN servers belonging to Pulse Secure VPN, has been published online as well as shared on a hacker forum used by cybercriminals.

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