Whitepapers: What does a next-generation MDR service look like?

Next-generation managed detection and response (MDR) services are evolving to meet the increased number and complexity of cyber-attacks being launched.

What does a next-generation MDR service look like?

But not all MDR services are created equal.

As more managed security service providers and other security service providers have rushed to provide their own MDR offerings, the struggle for each of these providers has been to differentiate those offerings.

IDC sees some new features that will start to be included and eventually demanded of MDR services. Organizations looking to elevate their cybersecurity posture need to consider service providers that are continuously investing in their MDR capabilities.

Some key areas of comparison IDC offers include:

  • The quantity and quality of threat hunting included in the offering
  • The number of endpoint detection and response (EDR) providers that the solution can integrate with
  • The extent of the MDR solution’s response capabilities
  • How much — if any — rip and replacement is needed from a provider’s current technology stack as the new MDR service is installed

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