Continuous application security with HCL AppScan

IT is not getting easier; in fact, it’s getting more complex and dangerous.

Continuous application security with HCL AppScan

According to ESG research, IT still isn’t getting easier. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of organizations say IT is more complex compared with two years ago. This is driven by higher data volumes, new security and privacy regulations, and the increase in the number of applications that leverage modern architectures.

At the same time, the threat landscape is becoming increasingly dangerous, as malicious actors focus their energy on developing more sophisticated, targeted attacks.

As organizations have become more aware of cybersecurity threats, and general security best practices have become well-understood and well-documented within the AppDev community, organizations are incorporating cybersecurity principles and tools into DevOps pipelines and methodologies.

However, while usage of application security (AppSec) tools has increased steadily in the past 5 years, 62% of organizations still only leverage these tools on less than half of their apps.

This ESG Technical Review documents ESG’s evaluation and analysis of how HCL AppScan can help developers continuously secure applications using policies defined by security specialists.

It also evaluates how AppScan can easily be integrated into CI/CD pipelines and support other aspects of DevSecOps initiatives to provide continuous application security at scale.

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