Tips: 2021 modern data protection best practices  

The overall state of data protection is concerning, but here are 12 best practices to set you on the right path.
2021 modern data protection best practices

In 2020 organizations around the world were forced to react to fast changing business realities.

The demands and expectations of data, where it is created and accessed – whether it is on-prem or cloud – the sheer volume of data, and the desire to better leverage that data to support customers and operations, have led to a need for faster delivery times and even higher service levels.

While the overall state of the data protection market is concerning – what with voluminous data residing and traversing multiple clouds and the threat of ransomware – Veeam has a decision framework that highlights 12 modernization best practices.

These best practices serve as a checklist and a methodology for you to improve data protection. Check out the 12 best practices here!

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