Whitepaper: The Forrester Wave Q3 IDaaS Enterprise Report

How IDaaS providers measure and help security and risk professionals

The Forrester Wave Q3 IDaaS Enterprise Report

Many APAC organisations hinge on the promising benefits of digital transformation, wherein workloads take place on cloud platforms and SaaS apps, shifting to a fully remote or hybrid work setup.

Enterprise customers should look for IDaaS providers that exhibit full-spectrum core intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) functionality, multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwordless enablement, and advanced user lifecycle management capabilities. 

Among the top 4 providers, Okta leads overall by customers and revenue, as well as in user provisioning and deprovisioning, supporting passwordless options, and providing NIST-aligned authenticator assurance levels.

This report assesses top IDaaS providers to help security and risk professionals make informed decisions when choosing the right network security solution for their needs.


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