Whitepaper: FortiGuard Labs 2022 Cyber Threat Predictions

 Learn what Fortinet experts think are the vulnerabilities cybercriminals will target this 2022

Whitepaper: FortiGuard Labs 2022 Cyber Threat Predictions

Cybercriminals are now weaponizing AI to mimic human activities and enhance social engineering attacks by creating fake documents (deep fakes) to lure consumers into providing confidential information, like credit card numbers, home addresses, and online shopping sites credentials. 

Aside from the most anticipated new vulnerabilities associated with Windows 11, the newest operating system (OS), new areas of likely exploitation include machine learning (ML), quantum computing, edge servers, Linux systems, non-traditional targets, and more, affecting in-house and remote connections. 

This report explains the new potential cyber vulnerabilities and threats enterprises and organizations will potentially face in 2022, and the corresponding recommended solutions and countermeasures to take.


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