Whitepaper: 2022 Global Cyber Threat Report by SonicWall

The emerging cyber threats in 2022 to watch out for.

Whitepaper: 2022 Global Cyber Threat Report by Sonicwall Media

Cybercrime has evolved over the past two years, making it harder for cybersecurity defenders to protect their organizations against network attacks that continue to become more evasive and targeted, breaching and infiltrating business systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Supply chain attacks, such as repository malicious codes and ransomware, continue in 2021, infiltrating a trusted business partner’s products or services instead of targeting a company directly.

SonicWall has also identified a number of older vulnerabilities being actively exploited aside from the CISA’s report on the top ten most exploited vulnerabilities with a patch or an updated version available for devices, wherein 80% of which are from previous years.

Other increasing cyber-threats in 2021 that APAC organisations need to keep an eye on include business email compromise, encrypted attacks, cryptojacking, and malware, to proactively defend enterprise cybersecurity. 

This SonicWall report shows the different cybersecurity threats that APAC organizations need to be aware of to help key decision-makers choose the best cybersecurity solution.


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