Cloud Trends Report

With possibly 83% of enterprise workloads running on public cloud infrastructure before 2020 is over, visibility of cloud services is one of the biggest issues facing security teams today.

While the hunger for cloud services is growing, this is often to the detriment of an organization’s overall security.

Deployments are moving forward at such a rapid speed that they can outpace the security initiatives needed to underpin their success. DevOps teams are working under assumptions about “security in code” that don’t consider the lifespan and permutations of their creations.

These assumptions need to be dismantled in order to improve the overall security of cloud services and how they relate to other portions of the hybrid, corporate network.

To ensure the security of IaaS cloud, organizations need to establish new processes which can be used to eliminate misconfigurations and enforce more rigorous testing.

This report analyzes the increase in cloud IaaS-related vulnerabilities and demonstrates how third-party plugins and applications are expanding the attack surface and introducing new risk to organizations.

The devil’s in the details when it comes to cloud security. This report aims to give security leaders the information that they need to understand which details matter most to their organizations and the tools that they need to improve their organizations’ risk posture.

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